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Reviews For The Sudden Sounds Of Urgency

The Sudden Sounds Of Urgency

Bryan Banks

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There is definite talent within the music of Bryan Banks as he seems to take many different flavors of Rock and Roll when creating his music. His music takes some Rock and Roll, Funk, and Grunge with a large hint of Heavy Metal thrown in and mixes all those styles together in the sound that makes up his music” - Matheson Kamin

The Rock And Roll Report

Bryan Banks' epic record “The Sudden Sound of Urgency” combines the lyrics and music together to mirror the feeling of urgency. The rhythm and flow of the album has a sound of urgency as the song comes in fast and maintains an intense level throughout the song only to slow down in the chorus long enough to take a breath.” - Lauren Montgomery

Subba Cultcha

Even for a full band, this album is quite an achievement, for a solo project, it’s a flippin’ masterpiece. Take note rockers looking to flock the ranks to to solo realms…this is how you do it.” - Dave Franklin

Dancing Around Architecture

The Sound of Urgency turns out to be a very solid album of Rock and Roll that any fan of the music style will enjoy. -The Rock And Roll Report ” - Matheson Kamin

The Rock And Roll Report