Recorded at located at
945 South Main Street Old Forge, PA 18518-1433

Engineer: Joe "Wiggy" Wegleski


You said I'm overreacting, you swore that you could handle this.
That you're stronger than what I perceive.
but you're gonna taste my failure, and you did.
So in the aftermath, I see what reality brings.

Because the less you know of me the less it will hurt.
When you sacrificed and absolutely destroyed your world
You will be the last to know.
I will be the first to turn and walk away.

You swear that you're losing your soul.
I thought you had it under control.
Remember I told you you'd see.
That you were going to lose your passion for me.
Because the things that you need to believe, I can't give to you.

The less you know of me the less it will hurt.
After I self destruct and accidentally destroy your world ( I told you should leave it alone, leave me alone)

Maybe in some other life, (I can be what you need)
Maybe at some other time ( I can be everything)
Maybe in some other light ( I could shine the way you want me)