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I appreciate your tips, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I hope everyone is safe and taking some reflective moments for themselves during these troubling times. I am personally striving to  reorganize, rejuvenate, replenish and restructure aspects of my existence and strive to be better after all this is said and done. Thank you so much for the constant support and appreciation, I promise to keep my energy 100% with these live feeds to provide some kind of entertainment and normalcy. God Bless you all.





Bio On Banks


here's the skinny

Dancing around the fire that is the music industry creates an enticing and enthralling trip for those who dare to dream. When you come to the realization it will burn you quick and break you fast, your left to weigh the passions of your pursuits against the failures, betrayals and disappointments which accompany the chase. This hasn't stopped Banks from pursuing his greatest passion in life-playing and creating music and sharing the love of it with others.

The quest started in New York with a cover band and continued when he moved to Pennsylvania where he was a drummer for local melodic hard rock band Owen's Grudge. The band did covers of the popular artists in that genre at the time, but also released an EP and full album.  A shift in the bands direction lead him to pursue other musical ventures, which included accompanying local acoustic and electric acts on percussion and drums.

An overwhelming desire to write original material  lead to another shift in direction so he grabbed pen and paper, guitar and bass and the trusted drum sticks and put together "The Sudden Sounds Of Urgency". The CD is comprised with songs featuring heavy melodic guitar tones, soulful vocals and a driving back beat with modern hard rock edge making it more than compatible for the hard rock fans playlist.

Banks still plays around the PA,NJ and NY doing various acoustic cover and duo shows. Stay tuned for more new original material coming soon. 


There is definite talent within the music of Bryan Banks as he seems to take many different flavors of Rock and Roll when creating his music. His music takes some Rock and Roll, Funk, and Grunge with a large hint of Heavy Metal thrown in and mixes all those styles together in the sound that makes up his music” - Matheson Kamin

The Rock And Roll Report

The Sound of Urgency turns out to be a very solid album of Rock and Roll that any fan of the music style will enjoy.” - Matheson Kamin

The Rock And Roll Report